Ultra Hard Steel Rule

You can rest assured that for every die you order from Steel Rule Diemasters, we will select the proper steel rule, so the die will operate efficiently, last long, and cut material cleanly. We keep over 50% more rules than most die cutting shops.

Steel Rule Diemasters uses some of the hardest steel rule available. Most die shops have a standard or staple rule they use in every die no matter what the material. At Steel Rule Diemasters, we select the rule that is right for the job, and in most cases we can outperform our competition by 2 to 1 in die longevity. This is possible by the use of some of the latest in steel rule technology. Call for more information on these materials!

Cryogenic frozen steel rule – unbelievable technology that transforms the molecular structure of the rule to last 2 to 3 times longer. As seen in most tool and die shops that use this technology to make their bits and blades last 5 times longer, this equipment has now been applied to steel rule.

Universal – H60 and H75 – hardened tipped 3pt rule with hard or extra hard bodies.

XD700 – Ultra hard 2pt blade that has outperformed any other cutting blade in its class.

Platinum – the newest in technology for combining sharp and ultra hard rule in one type of rule.  It also has a coating on it that is resistant to adhesives and prevents dusting.

Steel Rule DieSteel Rule DieSteel Rule Die

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