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     One of our suppliers removed from the market a key component for a new product just as it was being launched. Alternative die cutters were sought, all of which produced less than satisfactory product. We were in bind, about to lose significant sales of our product at the worst possible time. Then I contacted Steel Rule Diemasters. They described a simple press and die that they were convinced would cut our product in the manner and quality that we desired. In less than 3 weeks the press SRD recommended was drop-shipped to SRD, a custom die prepared, and the press and die returned to us. We were back in business in under 3 weeks with very high quality product being produced. We can now prepare over 1000 of our pieces in under 3 minutes. Our former supplier was charging us $132.00 per 1000 for something that now takes only minutes to prepare and is of higher quality.

I would describe our experience with Steel Rule Diemasters to be the highlight with suppliers in 2009. Their work was exactly as described, timely, and highly professional. Their work has set the stage for great success for our company in the future. I am very grateful and would recommend Steel Rule Diemasters to anyone.
Shawn Doyle - President: Sterilator
     It's my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Steel Rule Dimasters' craftsmanship and product quality.

Your products have allowed savings of nearly 275% on some of our more common products when comparing the costs of production to the typical prices that we were paying an outside vendor. Additionally, because of your staff's support and speed in working with us on the creation of new dies, we were able to reduce the material cost of tagging one of our parts from $4.75 to $0.26, a savings of nearly 1,830% on component for our business.
William B. Jozwiak - Ansaldo Signal
     In December of 2006, we purchased our first die cutter. Being completely new to this part of the industry, we searched out several die manufacturing companies for input and testing. After a couple of months of working with different companies, I found Steel Rule Diemasters to be standing out from the crowd. They seem to ask more questions about the different type of work we do, make helpful suggestions and aid in educating us along the way. In the print industry, deadlines are always tight, and Steel Rule Diemasters does a great job of meeting those deadlines with quality product. For these reasons, SRD is Color Ink's only partner in die making.
Todd Marth - Finishing Department Manager: Color Ink
     We have been working with SRD for approximately two years and the experience has been everything we were told it would be. We receive excellent product and service, which has resulted in increased productivity with reduced down time.

The pace in which we have to turn product is ever increasing, and you and your staff understand that, and continue to deliver in a smaller window of time. We are always treated with professionalism regardless of how outrageous our customer's expectations seem.

SRD is a valued partner that delivered what they said they would, we greatly appreciate the relationship. We want to thank you and your staff for continued excellence and support, as our primary die provider.
Brian Yelmene - Director of Operations: The Printery, Inc.
     As a medical device start-up company, Soluble Systems turned to Steel Die to furnish dies to be used in an FDA regulated clean room environment. Our requirements were anything but standard, including high precision cutting of a wet polymer product. Since we had a launch date to meet, we needed fast response and faster design and fabrication cycles as we learned what worked and what did not. Steel Die got us there. They researched, procured and fabricated the new materials we needed, and helped us to understand what designs were most likely to work. The 1000 miles separating them from our Virginia plant quickly shrank as deliveries of perfectly executed dies seemed to happen virtually overnight. Costs were kept in line and every estimate was honored. Steel Die has been a critical supplier, helping Soluble Systems to launch on-time and to rapidly grow sales over the past several years.
Kerry McCarter - CEO: SolubleSystems, LLC
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