Kiss Cut Steel Rule Dies

Kiss CuttingWe use a special kiss cut steel rule that cuts down on make-ready time and cut through. Ability to make-ready in three quarters less time than standard steel rule.

Want to know how to prepare for kiss cutting? Read this blog, "How to prepare for accurate kiss cutting."

The key to kiss cutting die cutting success is precision and repetition without deterioration of the die cut. Here are some guidelines we suggest before selecting a steel rule die for your kiss die cutting production:

  • Select a die maker you can trust―one with a staff of master craftsmen who make steel rule kiss cutting dies that meet your highest expectations of precision and durability
  • Look for evidence of a precisely flat and hard die board
  • Make sure the steel rule is formed on the most advanced and proven steel rule processors
  • Look for ejection rubber that conforms precisely to the contours of the die cutting blades
  • Get kiss cutting dies that will deliver consistent precision for the most intricate patterns
  • Make sure your kiss cut dies are made with a kiss cut steel rule that cuts make ready time in half
  • Analyze whether your die cutting machine and steel rule die work together as a cohesive whole

Before you make your decision, you may want to watch this one-minute video, then ask your Steel Rule Diemasters
representative to show you how every kiss cutting die from Steel Rule Diemasters is designed to meet these criteria.

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