Steel Rule Dies That Go Beyond Standard

Steel rule die manufacturing at Steel Rule Diemasters is about answering your questions, researching, suggesting, procuring, and fabricating to meet your absolute needs.

Standard processes include quick turnaround in as little as 3 hours, excellent customer service, and unmatched quality.

Beyond standard is the experience of once being in your shoes. Your die cutting press requires a certain type of die to produce quality results. Steel Rule Diemasters will ensure you get the right steel rule die.

Try SRD dies for faster make ready, prolonged die life, prevention of machine wear and tear, extreme tolerance, and precise edges. Get custom dies for your production.

Steel Rule Diemasters can make your dies from nearly any method...

  • Graphic files – .ai, .eps,. pdf CAD files - .dxf, .dwg 
  • Samples – machine or hand cut
  • Products – actual products that we need to make a part fit, like a box around your sample or a metal part that we need to make a gasket to fit it
  • Faxes – drawings, sketches, or tracings of the product
  • Descriptions – by phone, email, or fax
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