Precision Laser Cutting

SRD focuses on using the most recognized and qualified leading industry tools. Our laser is a product of Data Technologies, the leading laser manufacturer in the die industry. It is built specifically for cutting steel rule dies.


  • Highest rule tolerance and tightness consistency
  • Ability to die cut almost any material that a 2,500 watt laser can cut, including steel, plastic, wood, gaskets, templates, etc. 
  • Laser table can produce the dieboards out of 4' x 8' sheets of wood without any seams or dovetails
  • Laser dieboards of unlimited size can fit any press by using simple laser quality dove tail locks
  • 100% USA made

Production runs may be less cost to cut with a laser over the use of a steel rule die. Contact SRD for assistance on the cost benefits of laser cutting versus die cutting.


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