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Router and Sample Cutting Services

Router and Sample Cutting Services Ready in 24 Hours or Less

Steel Rule Diemasters offers high quality router cutting. Whether you are cutting one piece or a million, we can deliver fast due to our two shift operation.

The team at Steel Rule Diemasters will use a two shift operation to deliver a wide range of materials, including plastics, metal and phenolics. This machine performs multiple functions for any router need. You will get results, so that you can promote quality.


The Gerber router cutting system can provide your products:

  • Large cutting area of 4' x 8'
  • Counter plate manufacturing
  • Production cutting runs of all materials such as signs, choroplast, wood, any plastics
  • Sample cutting for prototypes
  • High Tech Blankers and Strippers using the latest in technology
  • Medical grade dieboard production
  • Serious cutting abilities on very dense materials; for example: cutting 1.5” hickory wood 



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