Affordable, Accurate, and Durable Clicker Press Die Cutting Solutions

The PrecisionCut 12 is a robust and compact pneumatic die cutting machine for die cutting anything at a real value.

Use this die cutting press to create impact: produce precise die cut parts, get money saving prolonged die life, and ease of use. The PrecisionCut 12 (formerly known as the SRD Clicker Press) provides up to 250 linear inches of die cutting area.

Here are a few of benefits of this die cutting machine.

Benefits of the PrecisionCut 12:SRD 7Ton Clicker Press

  • Cuts significantly more than other presses
  • Eliminate clumsy die cutting
  • Extended die life with precision depth control
  • Extremely even and flat die cutting area across entire platen
  • Fine depth adjustment for accurate kiss cutting
  • Quiet operation
  • Immediate start up. Plug in and start cutting!
  • Robust construction
  • Large cutting area can cut up to an industry leading 250 linear inches
  • Reproduce and repeat the same impressive results
  • Continue production day-after-day with no maintenance
  • OSHA compliant two-hand anti-die down controls come standard for the ultimate in safety

Download the PrecisionCut 12 User Manual and Spec Sheet

Steel Rule Diemasters provides a complete die cutting solution with the SRD Clicker Press paired with our high quality dies. Let Steel Rule Diemaster's complete die cutting system give you the best solution for your production needs. Perfect for prototype testing or small runs. Perfect for your home business.

This is the first affordable compact die cutting machine that can emboss materials and make boxes with counterplates or matrix.

Turn Bold Ideas into a Consistently Good IdeaSRD 7T Clicker Press Die Cut Image

Here are some of the technical features:

  • Meets OSHA safety requirements
  • Anti-tie down controls for two-hand trip and control reliability the require the machine operator to press both start switches simultaneously in order to start the machine cycle
  • 4-post construction with precision ground thick steel plate
  • No lubrication required
  • Operates with small air compressor or portable co2 tank
  • Fine depth adjustment

Click here to read FAQ's about the PrecisonCut 12

Watch videos of the PrecisionCut 12 below:

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Send in your material and we'll send you a video that shows how both the SRD Clicker Press and SRD die are a complete and easy die cutting solution.


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