Ultra Fine Precision Nicking

The days of using large nicks made from chisels and screwdrivers have passed. SRD offers you technlogy for better die cutting results:

  • Our high tech rule processors have the ability to inline nick
  • Grinding wheels that can nick as fine as 0.008 wide
  • Perfectly vertical nicks
  • Micro-nick steel rule, which is a precisely controlled wire edm nick off 0.008 wide that is precisely placed either every 1/8” or 1/4” on the rule

This technology, along with the ultra long bevel of this rule, allows most products under 12 pt to be diecut on auto-platen presses without manual nicks, or open edges for power cutting! When the part is held up individually, it is almost impossible to see the multiple nicks. This is ideal for those high end products that you just do not want to powercut or trimmer cut, because of the draw of the blade, or the time it takes to do this. Many diecutting facilities use this rule when they have multiple pages that must line up exactly and, if they were powercut, there might be irregularities.

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