Plotter Cutting

Our two plotter cutting machines, the Zund and the Gerber Profile, can cut an unlimited number of materials up to 4' x 8', in production speeds that will save you money over other diecutting or routing processes. Consider SRD for your future router, plotter cutting needs for ANY materials, even etching steel!

Receive plotting mylars or drawings for checking the die against press sheets before you load the die in your press.


Use for prototype purposes of cutting and creasing samples, or for sample runs on your printed paper.

Get cutting samples of nearly any material that is die cuttable. We can cut gasket materials, foams up to 1 1/2" thick, plastic, wood, paper, or corrugated. In order to cut such a wide variety of materials our machine is equipped with several different cutting heads...

Oscillating head – used for foam or rubber materials, cuts the material with an up down motion like a sewing machine, with a thin and long cutting blade which has a steep angle to it. This blade does not waste any material during the cutting because the blade is very thin. We can cut up to 1 1/2" thick materials with this tool.

Drag knife – this is used for paper materials only, since it drags across the paper and is limited to thin stock. This produces the smoothest cut, but the drawback for this is how thick we can cut.

Router bit – this tool is used for dense materials such as plastics and gasket materials that the other tools cannot cut. The advantage to this tool is a smooth edge. The disadvantage for this tool is that the speed is slower and we lose material based on the thickness of the bit used. With this tool we do offset for that tool width when we cut the samples, but this limits us on cutting real narrow slots or holes under 1/8".

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