Machined Dies

Steel Rule Diemasters uses precision machine shops to make custom machined dies or milled dies. Whether you need stamping dies, forming dies, or other tooling with complex shapes to mirror the final part, machining technology can be an efficient way to create a 3D form. Machined dies are typically produced to achieve extreme accuracy and intricacy in your cut parts. Some parts examples include the cutting of gaskets, foam, and leather. The machined dies provide precision when a standard steel rule cannot be bent to meet extreme precision.

Standard Specifications for Machined Dies:

  • Stainless steel
  • Heat treated metal
  • Tolerances up to +/-0.002
  • Can be sharpened to extend life of the die

Machined-die Machined-die Machined-die Stainless-Steel-Machined-Die

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