Large Format Steel Rule Dies for Large Format Printers

Large Format DieIf you use automatic feed presses with strippers or blankers, (such as Bobst, Ijima, Iberica, Brausse, Arrow) you can benefit from our large format steel rule dies, strippers, blankers, or full capacity components for the highest quality materials and latest in technology. We help many large format printers (within the packaging, POP, and digital printers industries) with their printing press needs.These large steel rule dies allow an image to be die cut in one single pass, versus the wait of a laser cutter. The large format dies will be made to work with the new growing trend of larger diecutting presses, and support faster set up times.

Ask Steel Rule Diemasters to find out which large format steel rule die best fits your needs and diecutting press.

Here are some initial large format material die cutting considerations:

  • Bottomless Pin Strippers: cut in tight situations up to one hundred +3/16 holes (see additional info about stripping boards)
  • Wood Blankers: good alternative to solid steel blankers; they come in semi assembled style, or full frame style solid wood, routed and ready to run
  • High Quality Machine Cut Rubber: utilizes a waterjet cut style of machined rubber to follow the exact contour of your parts, high quality rubber of every type available
  • Steel Rule: the best steel rule for the material you cut
  • Dieboard: options available such as maple, an exclusive guaranteed "never to warp" material, or plastic composite wood

Steel Rule Diemasters focuses on using innovative die cutting materials, so that you can produce quality products. Match up our steel rule dies with our in-house made counter plates and you have the perfect die cutting system for your press!

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