When you buy these medical dies make sure to get a true medical quality die cutting press.

Food Packaging Dies for Food Packaging Die Cutting

Our food packaging cutting dies are by far the highest quality cutting dies, made with all of the research and development you require from your die maker to assist you in items such as:

  • Automating your food packaging cutting process
  • Creating self locating dies for packaging placement
  • Heated and non-heated cutting dies using some of the most unique and best rules available

Heat Cut Plastic Packaging:

Combine Waterjet, Wire EDM technology, and laser cutting, and the result is a multi-level cutting die set that is made for heat cutting plastic packaging in the food and medical industries.

Heated cutting blades work well in this combination of aluminum, stainless, and “plastic” temperature resistant die board. The multi-level cutting base we often provide is a combination of wire EDM Stainless Steel, lasered steel and waterjet cut aluminum.

Example of Custom Die Creation:

For example, we worked with a Fortune 500 food company and a machine development company to create a die that works with their automated die cutting system for small packaging. We provided the necessary research and development to aid in automating the self-locating and removal process of die cutting small food packages.

In the corners of this custom die are our special adjustable stop blocks that aid in leveling the die and keeping the blades sharp longer and cutting evenly.

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