Diecutting Consulting and Training

The world of diecutting opens up great opportunity for production efficiencies. If you are interested in starting a diecutting system or sourcing out your production to a diecutting facility, Steel Rule Diemasters can provide feasibility consultation. We can provide training as well. Die creation research and development is always complimentary.

Consulting services may include:

  • Helping you decide if diecutting is right for your operation
  • Providing a cost benefit analysis of your current system to a diecutting system
  • Locating a place that can diecut and print your products for you using our dies
  • Design a press from concept and help you find the right people to build it for you – Do you have a special need for a press that is not common? Let us help you engineer the press that will do what you need to maximize your production.
  • Plan of action to startup your die cutting operation
  • Production evaluation based on capacity and production limits
  • Setup
  • Onsite training to include proper make ready to extend die life, and production of quality parts
  • Call us to provide pricing options that fit your needs

Here are a few case studies:

Case Study: cleanroom diecutting setup

Customer A was a startup company that needed to diecut medical products in a cleanroom environment. So our first step was to find them a press that could produce clean parts that would pass FDA inspection. After we located this press, we had to develop dies that would produce clean parts without any debris or contaminants from the die. These dies are now what we call Medical Approved dies and are made from various materials such as Lexan® based boards, stainless steel punches and rule, and FDA approved ejection rubber. Once we had this figured out, we went to their facility and spent the day setting up their press, training them on diecutting and estimating their production capacity with the presses available. After we were done, the customer was producing parts at only 25% capacity giving them plenty of room for expansion and a plan for future growth. The total cost for this including the die, press and consultation was well under $5,000 because the press was a new, but relatively inexpensive machine that fit their needs perfectly.

Case Study: startup company

Customer B Customer B was a startup company that was producing parts for games. After our first look at this we needed to figure out how to cut their game parts with relatively low cost startup. Our first step was to make a die that would cut the parts. Then we sent the die to two press manufacturing companies and had the customer supply material to them. The die cutting companies tested the materials and based on quality of the parts and speed of production they selected a new machine that cost $3,000. All of this was done in only a few hours of consultation, but most importantly, the customer was able to test run the presses with our help without actually buying a press and possibly making a wrong decision in buying the wrong machine for the job. We then made a plan for future growth and they know what their next step is if their production needs exceed their current press output.

Case Study: bring diecutting inhouse versus outsourcing

Customer C was a billion dollar multinational company that wanted to bring the diecutting of their product tags in house. Of all of the equipment out there, we were not able to find one that fit their exact requirements. My first trip was to meet them at an engineering firm that designs and builds specialty presses. After several weeks of consulting over the phone after that meeting the company designed and built a press that made parts to fit their exact needs. Although this press was $70,000 it ultimately saved them money because it did things that other presses were not set up to do. After the press was built I visited them for 2 days and trained them on how to use the press and setup dies with a proper makeready. They were able to recover the cost of the press, dies and consulting in one year and had better products to show for it.

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