Die Prototyping and Reverse Engineering

Die Prototyping

From your provided materials we can make prototypes for you to try out your product before we make a die. We ask that you provide the raw material that you want the prototypes made from as we do not stock standard materials for anyone as this causes a lot of problems in storage and age of the stock. If you need prototypes made from printed material we can also register cut the samples to match the printing. Pricing on this is reasonable and is based strictly on the actual time it takes to design and cut the prototypes x $60 an hour.

Die Prototyping Example:

You can provide a product and ask us to design the display holder. We can provide options for you to weigh look, size, weight, and shipping method. Additionally, we can prototype things like gaskets. We can cut the gasket as exact as the die would produce it, so you can make sure it fits and if necessary make adjustments before we make the die.

Pen Box Prototype   Pen Box Prototype

One prime example of this service is shown in the pictures above. We were provided with samples of the product to be displayed and were asked to make displays to hold the products. The customer asked us to make a display box to hold the pens that would ship as regular boxes and convert into displays. After we made the boxes we sent them digital files for them to make their artwork match the files exactly.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is the process of making a die or sample from your provided product. Some customers only have a hand cut sample, or an existing box, but they have no dimensions for us to make the die from. We have the ability with our Digitizer and Plotter Cutter to measure and produce an exact replica of the product you provide. We start by using the digitizer or measuring tools and make a dieline to lay over the product to make sure it matches exactly. Then if it is a folded product like a box we can make a sample to make sure all of the proper offsets are made to make sure the box folds and locks properly.

If you provide samples of what we need to make our dies fit, we can do this for you. For example if you need a gasket made and all you have is the actual head gasket, we can measure the heads gasket and make dielines and samples until we have an exact match. Or if you have a product that the box needs to fit, we can make the box and test the box with your provided samples or products.

Reverse Engineering Example:

One example is a customer provided us with a clamshell plastic piece that needed to have printed paper to fit inside of the clamshell (for advertising and product description) and fold in many different places to conform to all of the contours of the clamshell display piece. With reverse engineering we were able to provide samples and digital files for the end user to use for their printing department to make an exact layout for the printing to fit.

Digital Files

In addition to samples keep in mind that we can provide you with digital files for you to use in your engineering of your product, or for your printing department to lay their graphics over the dielines. This method of printing with the diemaker providing the exact dieline is the preferred method for most printers so that they can make sure the graphics fit in the dielines exactly and hit the scores or folds where needed.


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