Delrin Die Boards

Delrin® Based Die Boards have stability and heat / chemical resistance properties.  Delrin

Mechanical Properties: The strength and stiffness of unfilled homopolymer acetal (Delrin®) is approximately 15% greater than the copolymer acetals. 

Hot Water/Steam Resistance: Copolymer acetals exhibit substantially greater resistance to hydrolysis (degradation by hot water) and better dimensional stability, especially after prolonged exposure. 

Chemical Resistance: In general, the chemical resistance is similar, but may be different depending on the chemical, as well as the temperature and concentration encountered. Copolymer acetal does offer better resistance to chlorine-containing solutions, including bleach and strong alkalies, both common sanitizing chemicals. 

Continuous Service Temperature: Generally, the continuous service temperature for both grades are considered the same (180° F). Copolymer acetal has been reported to resist thermal degradation at higher temperatures better than the homopolymer.

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