Custom Steel Rule Diecutting Punches

Steel Rule Diemasters works with the highest quality steel rule die cutting punch manufacturers in the business. Our steel rule punches last longer, are more accurate, and can hold tolerances up to +/- 0.002.

Do you need seamless tube punches, feed-thru punches, or a custom steel rule diecutting punch? We'll figure out aspects such as hole size, bevel of the punch, and how to construct in order to distribute the force of the punch between the hold and the finished piece. Your needs will help determine if the die punch should have spring ejectors, a plug, or ejection rubber to release material and keep your die functioning properly.

Custom punch press dies can meet the exacting standards for special care parts that cannot stretch or distort during the cutting process. The specially created punch can be made to work with your particular machine, with the goal of enhanced parts quality, and reduced set up and down time.

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