SRD Clicker Press Frequently Asked Questions

What types of materials does the SRD Clicker Press cut?
The SRD Clicker Press can cut just about any material, depending on the shape and thickness.
How do you setup the SRD Clicker Press?
The setup of the SRD Clicker Press is very easy. The press arrives fully assembled. Once opened and removed from the crate, you just plug-in an air hose to the port on the back of the press and plug-in the other end into an air line. Locate the on/off switch on the front of the clicker die cutting press. Switch the on/off switch to the on position. The gauge then reads pressure, and the press is ready to go.
Can you mount dies and/or cutting pads in the press?
The SRD Clicker Press can be purchased with a die plus cutting pad mounting system for the top or bottom (or both.) The mounting system is a custom rail system which dies or cutting pads can slide onto, and then the system holds them firmly into place. Steel Rule Diemasters makes high quality dies specifically designed to work with the SRD Clicker Press and its mounting systems.
How much does the press weigh?
The SRD Clicker press weights approximately 175 lbs.
How many linear inches can the SRD Clicker Press die cut?
The linear inches that the SRD Clicker Press can die cut depends on many variables. Here are a few of the variables:
                1. The quality of the die you are using is a big factor for the number of linear inches cut. (Steel Rule Diemasters are experts in making very high quality dies for any need. They can be contacted at
                2. The type of material that is being cut, and its inherent difficulty to cut will affect the amount of cutable linear inches. The Clicker Press is known to cut many different types of material. You can get a die cut test sample prior to purchase.
                3. The thickness of the material will affect the amount of inches that can be cut. Ask for a die cut test sample prior to purchase.
                4.  The intricacy and pattern density of the die cut shapes and die make can affect how much you can cut at one time. We have cut over 250 linear inches using Steel Rule Diemasters made dies on various materials.
Are there cutting pads available for the SRD Clicker?
The SRD Clicker Press comes with a custom cutting pad that can be mounted in the press if desired. Additional cutting pads are available for purchase as additional accessories. Contact a salesperson at
Do you recommend a particular surface type, or table for the SRD Clicker Press?
The SRD Clicker Press can be placed on any sturdy table that can support its weight. We offer a table as a press accessory. The SRD table is made specifically to fully support the press and provides an extended in-feed working area on the front and the sides. The table is available with optional casters as well to make the press easily portable.
What are the PSI requirements??
The SRD Clicker Press is completely pneumatic and has very precise cutting actuation. The press can operate optimally at 100 PSI, but will work with as little as 40 PSI.
What are the maintenance requirements for the SRD Clicker Press?
The SRD Clicker Press is built to last with very minimal maintenance. The press is pneumatic, which requires minimal maintenance. Simply clean and lubricate exposed metal surfaces.
How much CFM is used during operation?
The SRD Clicker Press uses less than 0.1 cubic feet of compressed air per cycle. A 10 SCFM air compressor is adequate for most applications.
How fast does the SRD Clicker Press cycle?
The SRD Clicker Press has cycle times less than 5 seconds.  (See Video
What patterns or shapes can the SRD Clicker Press cut?
The SRD Clicker Press can cut virtually any regular die pattern. (See examples at SRD Website
How can you register a sheet to a die in the SRD Clicker Press?
The precise actuation of the SRD Clicker Press is the key in registration. The press platen moves down exactly the same every time allowing for easy registration. This is very important in die cutting (& creasing) cartons with counter plates, and for embossing with counter plates. Steel Rule Diemasters makes dies designed for the press and its mounting system and specializes in making counter plate dies.
How do you set the depth of cut?
The SRD Clicker Press is built to provide very precise control of cutting depth. Setting the depth of the cut is very easy. Just turn the micro adjust knob on top clockwise until it stops.  Place your die and cutting pad in place in the press. Then actuate the press and review your material. Continue testing while adjusting the micro adjust counter clockwise incrementally until you are getting a full cut.
What is the estimated die life while using the SRD Clicker Press?
The robust 4-post construction and very parallel plates accompanied by the absolute depth control and precision actuation will extend die life dramatically. When the height is set up correctly, you will not bury a die (making it basically impossible to ruin your tooling.)
What are the safety features of the SRD Clicker Press?
The SRD Clicker Press comes standard with OSHA approved dual, anti-tie down controls.
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