Advantages of Steel Rule Diemasters

Steel Rule Diemasters offers features and benefits for the ultimate in precision and tolerance that meet your specific die cutting needs and end application use. Insights, expertise, desire to create, and staff’s interest in going beyond is what drives our day-to-day. It’s not true that any die works on any machine. We'll make sure you get the right one.


Steel Rule Die

You can rest assured that for every die you order from Steel Rule Diemasters, we will select the proper steel rule, so the die will operate efficiently, last long, and cut material cleanly.

Counter Plates

Phenolic counters plates are made with or without adhesive, as well as flexible counters. If you are not experienced in using them, ask for our assistance to use them on die cutting presses. Most counter plates can be produced in 24 hours. We make all varieties and innovate to meet your needs.

Male Stripping Boards

We are experienced in the latest bottomless pin stripping techniques. Let us show you how it can increase press speeds and reduce make-ready times drastically! We can produce male stripping boards with pins, nails, rule or wood blocks.

Female Stripping Boards

We are experienced in the latest in bottomless pin stripping techniques. Let us show you how it can increase press speeds and reduce make-ready times drastically! We can produce female stripping boards with or without routing on the top and bottom.

Custom Tailored

Give us the type of material and thickness of that material and we will tailor a die that will run best for your machine.

Custom Perf / Cut Crease

Our rule processors are equipped with a dual operation inline perfing unit. Now inline perfing is faster, cleaner and burr free. The perfing tool can easily be adjusted through software and the perfing depth can be changed without any problem. A complete set of special cartridges allows to create perf or cut crease rule out of standard cutting rule.

Inline Nicking

A revolutionary grinding unit for inline nicks produces perfect geometric and uniform inline nicks all in a straight line process. Four electric spindles equipped with the new Ultranick nicking tools are driven by the machine control software: sure to obtain burr free nicks absolutely accurate and with constant depth. The position of the nicks is automatically imported from the CAD drawing. A powerful vacuum suction system guarantees absolutely clean operations.

Machine Cut Rubber

There are two purposes for machine cut or waterjet cut rubber:

  1. On high speed presses such as Bobst presses, machine cut rubber in conjunction with the proper rule is the only way to achieve the fastest speeds. We use the newest in rubber available for this process.
  2. When diecutting foam core, magnetic materials, or other materials you need to stay flat and show no indentations of rubber pieces or strips, you need a solid sheet of rubber to fit in between the rules. The only true way to do this consistently is with machine cut rubber. You will be amazed at some of the products we have made look perfect that in the past would have been impossible.

Using the latest technology in rubber cutting machines, we can make your parts eject efficiently and uniformly, resulting in increased press speeds.


High Tolerance

Steel Rule Diemasters dies offer the highest level of dimensional tolerances for your parts size and repeatability from die to part. Steel Rule Diemasters manufactures high rule dies up to 2". We specialize in accurately matching your form through design and prototype cut testing.

When purchasing high tolerance specified dies we also provide certified measuring of your steel rule dies using our CMM Micro-VU high-tolerance measuring video machine. We can manufacture a die and give you a report of the measurements within a tolerance of + / - 0.13mm (0.005 inches).

Challenge us to die cut items with strict tolerance requirements.

Folding Plastic

Two steel rules are now available for folding of plastic materials. Crush creasing works, but if you hit it too hard you risk tearing of the plastic, and the sheets do not stack very flat. Using plastic crease from Zimmer or Bohler, we can make folds in plastic folders and boxes that will not tear after being folded. The folds will be crisp and the sheets will stack very flat in your delivery. Once you try this material you will be amazed at how well it makes your products fold.

Ultra Hard Diecutting

Steel Rule Diemasters uses some of the hardest steel rule available. Most die shops have a standard or staple rule they use in every die no matter what the material. At Steel Rule Diemasters, we select the rule that is right for the job, and in most cases we can outperform our competition by 2 to 1 in die longevity. This is possible by the use of some of the latest in steel rule technology. Call for more information on these materials!

Cryogenic frozen steel rule – unbelievable technology that transforms the molecular structure of the rule to last 2 to 3 times longer. As seen in most tool and die shops that use this technology to make their bits and blades last 5 times longer, this equipment has now been applied to steel rule.

Universal – H60 and H75 – hardened tipped 3 pt rule with hard or extra hard bodies.

XD700 – Ultra hard 2 pt blade that has outperformed any other cutting blade in its class.

Platinum – the newest in technology for combining sharp and ultra hard rule in one type of rule.  It also has a coating on it that is resistant to adhesives and prevents dusting.

Ultra Fine Nicking

The days of using large nicks made from chisels and screwdrivers have passed. Steel Rule Diemasters offers you technology for better die cutting results:

  • Our high tech rule processors have the ability to inline nick
  • Grinding wheels that can nick as fine as 0.008 wide with close proximity to each other
  • Perfectly vertical nicks
  • Or we can use Zimmer Micro-nick steel rule, which is a precisely controlled wire edm nick off 0.008 wide that is precisely placed either every 1/8” or 1/4” on the rule

This technology, along with the ultra long bevel of this rule, allows most products under 12 pt to be die cut on auto-platen presses without manual nicks, or open edges for power cutting! When the part is held up individually, it is almost impossible to see the multiple nicks. This is ideal for those high end products that you just do not want to power cut or trimmer cut, because of the draw of the blade, or the time it takes to do this. Many die cutting facilities use this rule when they have multiple pages that must line up exactly and, if they were power cut, there might be irregularities.


Steel Rule Dies: Our dies are made from the highest quality materials to ensure the longest die life possible for your die cutting needs. Also, having high quality materials makes a die much faster to setup.

Plastic Dies: Unlike other plastic dies that are see through and break very easily, SRD plastic dies are made from a plastic that is virtually indestructible.

Research and Development

Steel Rule Diemasters is not your ordinary die cutting company. We are very much out-of-the-box. Nothing is too tough for us, and our select group of engineers. From start to finish, we will use technological advancements and new discoveries to create the best product. Our team will work closely with you and your team to come up with and develop new products, processes and services to best fit your project.

Quality Die Making Material

Steel Rule Diemasters commits to finding the latest in materials to use in our cutting dies to give you the best results. We keep more than double the amount of specialty rules than most die cutting shops. You can rest assured that for every die you order from Steel Rule Diemasters we will select the proper rule, wood, and rubber so the die will operate efficiently, last long, and cut material cleanly. We can ensure the proper material is chosen for your die for the best results.

Dieboard is "forever flat" so that you don't have to worry about any dieboard changes, which may affect the use.

Chemical Resistant

In general, the chemical resistance is similar, but may be different depending on the chemical, as well as the temperature and concentration encountered. Copolymer acetal does offer better resistance to chlorine-containing solutions, including bleach and strong alkalies, both common sanitizing chemicals.

Faster Make Ready

Our dies are made with the highest quality steel rule die materials which makes for fast make ready. Due to the fact that our die boards are flat, and our rule is made with the tightest of tolerances, make ready can be cut in half the time.

Longer Lasting

The effort we put into finding the best rule available pays off in the end. Your die will be made with the best quality products, which will allow for your die to last longer.

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