When you buy these medical dies make sure to get a true medical quality die cutting press.

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Medical Dies, Pharmaceutical Dies, Food Dies: FDA Approved

Steel Rule Diemasters creates medical dies, especially those for a cleanroom or sterilized manufacturing environment. Work with our engineers to create custom and precise medical die cutting systems that provide solutions to your needs. We can work together with design assistance and prototyping.

Medical dies can provide diecutting medical converting to items such as wound/burn dressings, hydrogel components, biosensors, gaskets, skin patches, medical packaging, patient monitoring, and nearly anything to simplify and modernize the medical industry.

FDA Approved Dies for Wet Die Cutting or Dry Die Cutting

Steel Rule Diemasters produces FDA approved diecutting dies for wet die cutting and dry die cutting applications. If you participate in medical product manufacturing, or food production, ask about FDA approved dies for wet dry cutting and dry die cutting applications.

Stainless Steel / Corrode Resistant Dies

We have developed a method of producing waterproof dies. These dies are made with special materials and have been used to convert medical and food grade products. Applications include:

Medical Die Sterilization

Steel Rule Diemasters has developed a strategic working relationship with FDA-registered, ISO 13485 certified consulting and contract laboratories to provide validated sterilized die cleaning, and sterilized die packaging processes compliant with FDA and ISO standards and guidelines.

Cleanroom Ready Die Boards and Cutting Trays

Die Boards for cleanroom die cutting environments need to be produced with stringent specifications. Steel Rule Diemasters produces cleanroom ready die boards with the use of materials such as Delrin®, Lexan®, and aluminum.

Food Packaging Dies

Steel Rule Diemasters specializes in the research and development of food packaging dies for your modern die cut packaging requirements.

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